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Ever since they were children, Tiffany, Brianna and Amanda Florian loved music. They started singing at their church and performing in front of audiences locally. At the age of eight, they started taking Classical Italian. Their first vocal coach said once you sing that, you can sing anything. No one said it would be easy, but they had passion and drive to pursue it.  During their middle-school years, the girls home-schooled to gain flexibility, allowing them to follow some of their goals and dreams in the entertainment industry. During the summer and school year, New York trips were frequent and Tiffany, Brianna and Amanda worked as featured extras in multiple award-winning films. In New York, the girls received training in voice, film and dance.

In 2009, The TBAGirls went to Nashville, Tenn. to record their first album. This was a three-song CD written by an amazing friend and songwriter, Sue Fabisch. It was a monumental experience and the girls soaked up every minute of it.

Tiffany, Brianna and Amanda attended a performing arts high-school in Charlotte, N.C., and shared the stage on multiple occasions. 

Currently, they're pursuing degrees in fields ranging from communications to theatre.