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- Charlotte, NC

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5.22 Festa Italiana - Charlotte, NC

Performance on NBC's The Winner Is

 When we  were little, we would watch children music videos and start singing along.  Music came naturally to us. It became something we thrived on, like air is vital to a human. Majority of people that we meet don't believe that we are triplets. In fact, many people ask us if we are all just friends. Yes, we are, in fact, triplets, and best friends. The craziest thing people ask us? "Are you identical?" This may come as a shocker, but we are not identical. Our hair colors are all natural--biology is a wonderful thing. Our birthdays are the best because we have a huge party with all of our friends. We share a birthday, but we love celebrating with three times the friends, dancing and cake!
   We believe life should always be lived to the fullest, and we should love to the fullest. Our friends are the best and support us always. The number one fans in our lives are definitely our parents. From driving us to voice lessons to taking trips to New York City to encouraging us and pushing us to reach our full potential, they've been so crucial in our journey.
        Something you may not know about us is that we are in love with the singing group Il Volo. We have been singing in Italian, specifically Classical Italian, since we were eight-years old. Our mom is Puerto Rican, and has opened our eyes to a world of culture.
        We hope you fall in love with our music and join us as we    pursue our musical flight into the unimaginable and spectacular

Shoutout to all of our supporters (family, friends and fans) for showing some love at our last concert. See you soon. ♥ XX

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